Songs for Our Times

Been quiet on the blog, I know, while I sift and sort and think (and also start a simple blog with my kids– check it out here). Thanks for hanging in there.

I wonder if, with the national situation for education being so fraught, if I am also being extra hard on my posts-to-be. You know, it’s one thing to just flip out a thought every few days or so. It’s quite another to take up the energy of professional people whose very livelihood is being attacked. Feels a bit like offering jelly doughnuts to the front lines at Normandy.

That being said, though, here are two songs that make me happy, because they are happy, and give me courage, because they are courageous. (And because there is something to be said, after all, for jelly doughnuts.)

More soon. That’s a promise.

2 thoughts on “Songs for Our Times

  1. I’m not a big music listener and when I do listen, it’s usually hip hop so I wanted to say thanks for sharing. The Mavis Staples song is EXCELLENT. I listened to it three times before commenting. I even googled Jeff Tweedy because I had no idea who he was.

    PS – I’m assuming you’re not making the flight out west to the ASCD conference, but if you are I’d love to finally meet you.

  2. I understand now that my teaching career has led to this one shining point of light: introducing you, Jason, to the wonder that is Jeff Tweedy. Try Sky Blue Sky, my absolute favorite album from his band Wilco. The joint album with Mavis Staples is also marvelous.

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