Newtown in School: The Most Difficult Post I’ve Written

I thank The Center for Teaching Quality and Ed Week for making this post possible in about 24 hours, from a pitch I wrote in desperate need to do something concrete to assist educators in the wake of this horrific event.

My son is seven. I kissed him, and his nine year old sister, so often this past weekend that they started to get annoyed.

I can’t kiss my seventh graders, much as I’d like to sometimes. So instead I settled for giving them what I could: about 10-30 minutes of devoted class time to work through what they needed after this weekend.

We give what we have, you know? I think that’s all anyone can ask.

Please make sure to check out the sidebar in the article, where I list a couple of really helpful links as well. And as always, feel free to leave comments here or at the Ed Week page.



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