Sleepless in Seattle’s Best Coffee?

Check out this story on sleep from NPR. Had to post this– I’ve been struggling with this all year. Is it not a part of underground teacher culture to assume you (or someone else) is doing their job if they’re on five hours’ sleep or less? How true is this? Maybe we’re all just– well– dumb.

My favorite line on how to get more sleep: set up quality time “with a bed partner.” My amazing husband notwithstanding, this partner for me is usually the saliva-soaked teddy bear my toddler son has left on the pillow.

2 thoughts on “Sleepless in Seattle’s Best Coffee?

  1. On a similar note, I was just told in homeroom, by a student, that I was “uncool” because I wouldn’t let her drink a Monster drink at 8am. Nevermind that I was drinking my coffee at the time. Gotta love the Regime of Truth. And so it goes.

  2. I’m going too deep on this as usual– but there *is* a difference between an informed adult who has completed their physical development choosing to drink coffee, and an adolescent still in the thick of growing drinking Monster because the ads say it’s cool.

    Or at least there should be. 😉

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