Gifts for Geeks

That time of year.

Ran into these both last night.

Novel-T has two baseball teams’ worth of literary jerseys for the book lover in your life: fully licensed, funny (check out the symbol on the front of Vonnegut’s shirt), women’s cuts that won’t make one look like one raided one’s husband’s underwear drawer, and including a donation to Doctors Without Borders and/or a NYC-based non-profit forĀ  creative writing students in the city.

And if you’re starting to feel guilty about your Amazon habit (hm….starting?…), try Better World Books. This is my kind of capitalism. And carbon-neutral to boot. H/t to Sue Van Hattum, who writes a stellar math blog.

One thought on “Gifts for Geeks

  1. Thanks for the compliment! I guess I’d better point to some good math books and games on my blog. (And on my other blog, I can point to some of my other favorite books.)

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