What Can You Do With This?

warmI found this anonymous message from a student on my magnetic poetry locker/wall. After I stopped laughing and snapped the photo with my phone (hence the fuzzy quality, my apologies), I started thinking.

Math teacher¬†Dan, at dy/dan, has made a successful recurring piece of posting multimedia materials¬† under the title “What Can You Do With This (WCYDWT)?” and soliciting comments on how to use them as the basis of math lessons. At the suggestion of another colleague who’s familiar with Dan’s good work, I’d like to do the same here. But I’d also like to ask for thoughts on the philosophical implications of this little line of words.

What can we do with…. the fact that this medium engendered authentic, poetic communication in ELA?

What can we do with… the idea that somehow, somewhere, the kid had enough freedom in my class to get up and make this thing?

What can we do with… good weather?

And most importantly:

What can we do with… my stupid windows, which are east-facing, framed in bricks, and heat up like a pizza oven until 1 PM? *

* And yes, in my defense, they have been open all week. Can’t blame the kid for not noticing, though.

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