The Marriage of Minds

Today, New York State became the 6th and largest state to legalize gay marriage.

I don’t intend to use the blog as a bully pulpit for my opinions on this issue; I’m sure that it remains as divisive amongst readers as it does amongst my family and friends.  Suffice it to say, succinctly, that I support it. I simply know too many gay folks whose monogamous commitments have outstripped my straight friends’ marriages (and divorces) by decades; whose well-adjusted and beloved children have come through my classroom, often kids whom would be lost in the maze of the foster care system otherwise, or left to die in a third world orphanage.

And I’ve been a little pissed off at New York State these days. So it was a complete surprise to me to react the way I did to the news this morning: to lift my head and gaze at the cornfields and rolling hills of the Finger Lakes where I was driving; to feel fresh, earth-scented air blow over my skin after the long warm rain last night; and understand strangely that the breeze, and the news, and the hills, were the same thing. To feel, suddenly, as if I was enclosed in something protective and strong: within not my family or my home, but of all things, the borders of my state.

Hope and justice are good friends. I see them taking turns on the tire swing.

And I thought: Well. If we can do this– if New York can manage this– surely, there’s other matters of equality and equanimity we can manage too. Surely, there will be another day in the future where I go to sleep, and literally wake up in a better world.

I see, beyond the tire swing, a school. It’s open and lit, and thrumming with the energy and knowledge of happy kids. It is a place at which we may– with luck and grace– arrive.

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