7 thoughts on “Yep.

  1. Dear Dina,

    Wonderful essay.

    I will be adding a tiny piece of this to my class. Not sure how yet, but I need to get Frost’s or Whitman’s or Steinbeck’s words “stuck” in my students’ heads.

  2. Hm. Poetry in science. Is there a poem you can memorize and then analyze for its earth science connections? Cross-assignment with your English teacher? Or would that kill it?

  3. I wouldn’t have them analyze it beyond the students musing what it means to them.

    I’m learning how to shut up, and I’m getting better at my craft.

    I think just introducing (and reading) it in a science class reveals enough new facets that anything I might add would only detract.

  4. This was great to read. It makes me very happy that my school has held a Poetry Out Loud contest for the last three years.

  5. Michael: try poets.org for a huge collection of poetry that is also read aloud. I’ve found it is key for kids to hear poetry read well in order to feel like they can successfully get at a certain piece. Or I bet you wouldn’t be bad at oral interp yourself. Maybe just read it, twice, and have the kids do a free-form written reflection on it.

  6. Congratulations Dina! I am also in favor of memorizing poems. What a great way to learn language..:-)

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