James Kennedy, _The Order of Odd Fish_, and Me

The crazy, wonderful book, equal parts Monty Python, Kafka, The Simpsons, Italo Calvino and fever dream: The Order of Odd Fish.  (Download a treasure trove of teacher information about it here.)

The crazy, wonderful author, who recently concluded a (fictitious?) feud with Neil Gaiman, to Neil Gaiman’s delight: James Kennedy.

The crazy, wonderful thing I never expected would happen: I’m bringing James Kennedy to one of my favorite coffee shops on this Sunday morning.

He’s in town for the Nazareth College Teen Book Festival. I’ve already canvassed my seven and nine year old for questions to ask him, which yielded the following:

MY DAUGHTER: “Ask him if he’s a mythical being in disguise.”

ME: “You’re still reading The Bailey School Kids, aren’t you.”

I would love for blog readers to leave comments or shoot me messages about what else to put on the docket for discussion.

Wondering how to get kids excited about reading? How to write with two toddlers in the house? Dipping a toe into Japanese culture and anime?  Leave a comment, spread the link. The more voices, the better. This Renaissance Man is yours for an hour.

Or mine, actually. I’m a tiny bit worried about being left alone with him for that long.


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