My New EduCrush(es): John and Hank Green

DFTbaOh, my.

If you haven’t met the Vlogbrothers

If you don’t know what DFTBA means

If you haven’t read Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns, or The Fault in Our Stars

If you haven’t succumbed to the charms of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

If you haven’t used a Crash Course video in one of your classes…

Or, at the very least, if you haven’t shown your students this at the beginning of the school year

…then prepare to have your mind blown.

Next post: The first virulent fan letter I have written in 28 years.




5 thoughts on “My New EduCrush(es): John and Hank Green

  1. I showed that last video to my students at the beginning of the year. I’ll do it again next year. And I showed them many of the Crash Course videos throughout the year. This was with freshmen — strike that — freshpersons, and many of them got overwhelmed at how fast John talked. So we came up with an analogy. Watching a John Green video is like eating cake. The cake is likely too large for you to eat in one sitting (unless you’re very hungry and good at eating cake), so just relax and enjoy whatever cake you can. Even if it’s a tiny slice, it’s still cake.

  2. Great analogy, Luke. My seventh graders mentioned something of the same thing: his patter is so dense and so fast that it can be hard to pull apart in real time. For that reason they most enjoy the videos that slow down a bit. Here’s one of our favorites:

    Hm. Maybe you and I should put together a crib sheet of the Best Vlogbrothers Videos to Show in Class. Yes? What do you say to a co-post? Any other Nerdfighters interested out there?

  3. Oooh. That’s a fun idea. Best Vlogbrothers Videos for Class…. ok… I am currently less than a week away from the birth of child #2. So if I mysteriously disappear from the internet for a large chunk of time, that’s the reason why. But, I’ll start looking through what I used this year and maybe we can put together a fancy top ten list or something like that.

  4. Awesome, and congratulations. Send me what you like when you like, and we’ll develop something together.

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