A Poem For Mother’s Day


If you have ever had a thought

beyond your own breath

this day is yours;

the earth has given it to you,

the emeralds balanced on branches

by the long undying winter;


the fish frying in the pan,

red wine and laughter;


the washrag twisted and rung out

into the bloody water.


If you have ever held a thing

beyond your own body

this day is yours;

the stars have given it to you,

their insides coalescing

into flesh and bone;


the sons and daughters

that clamber rampant

in and over all the stones.


This day is yours.


If you have ever waited

beyond your own hope

this day is yours;

hope leaves

and who is left

but you;


you against all thieves?


This day is yours,

long beyond the day

and beyond the hour.


Here is the seed you planted.


Here is the flower.


~ Dina Strasser

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